General Rules for Students

General Rules for Students These rules concern the courses arranged by International School of Acupuncture (ISA Ltd), a training centre for Classical Chinese Medicine.

1. Application Procedure

The applicant may apply for the courses by sending a completed and signed application form by the end of the application period. The date of the application is the same as the date of post-office stamp, or alternatively the date of delivery if the application is delivered to the school by other means. ISA confirms the reception of the application by sending a letter or an email message to the applicant. The applicants are invited to a personal interview before the classes begin. The purpose of the interview is to chart the applicant's motivation and readiness to attend acupuncture training. The interviews are held in English, Finnish or Swedish.

2. Selection of Students

ISA independently selects the students to be admitted to the courses. The selection criteria require that the applicant is over the age of consent, demonstrates adequate capacity to follow the acupuncture training and meets other qualifications for attending the classes. The students are selected based on the application and the interview. Places are filled in the order of registration. The applicant receives the decision about student selection by mail. The registration of the applicant takes effect after the applicant pays the advance payment and signs and sends to ISA the financial commitment for the current year's tuition fee.

3. Auditor students

ISA allows the applicant to sit in on classes. Auditor students do not attend tests or practical training and are not issued a degree certificate. The auditor student's tuition fee depends on the year's curriculum.

4. Compensation of Studies

Any exemption from classes and compensatory studies should be negotiated before the start of the study year with the study coordinator. The student should provide a course certificate of the compensatory studies, attesting the school, contents and length of the course, and the teachers. If the student transfers to the course from another school, any compensation related to the transfer is negotiated case-specifically with the student.

5. Advance Payment

If the applicant is approved to attend the training, (s)he should pay the advance payment of €350 to ISA's bank account within 14 days from the date of the letter's post-office stamp. If the student fails to pay the advance payment, his/her place can be assigned to the next applicant. The advance payment is included in the total tuition fee. The advance payment is not returned, except of cases when ISA cancels the classes.

6. Costs and Payments

The tuition fees are announced at the school website, and they are also available at the school office. ISA's services are within the scope of VAT taxation. The announced tuition fees may change. If the fee of the current study year changes after the advance payment has been paid, and the applicant wants to cancel the application for this reason, the advance payment will be returned to the applicant in full. The student is responsible for any expenses related to the arrival to the course venue, lodging and meals. The student should pay the year's tuition fee in full or the first instalment of the fee three weeks (21 days) before the beginning of the study year. The tuition fee can be paid in one, two or four instalments. Students paying the tuition fee in one or two instalments get a discount. The instalment plan is only possible for students who are Finnish citizens or have a permanent residence permit in Finland. The student agrees to pay the current year's tuition fee in full before the beginning of the study year, even when paying in instalments. ISA can cancel the student's right to study, if the student's tuition fees are not appropriately taken care of. The student is responsible for any collection charges caused by a delay in payment of fees. If the number of students decreases to less than eight before the third study year, ISA reserves the right to negotiate about the 3rd and 4th year tuition fees or rearrangement of classes with the remaining students.

7. Cancellation

If the applicant cancels his or her participation to the course, the paid tuition fee will be returned to the applicant in full, if the cancellation takes place at least 30 days before the beginning of the classes. If the cancellation takes place not later than 21 days after the beginning of the classes, 70% of the tuition fee will be returned. The advance payment will not be returned in any of the above mentioned cases, as stated in section 5. The cancellation should be sent to the school in writing, as a registered letter. The date of the cancellation is the same as the date of post-office stamp.

8. Suspension and Restart of Studies

If the student wants to suspend his or her studies or restart them, (s)he should send a related application to ISA 30 days before the end of the study year. The student has the right to continue his or her studies with the following group. If the tuition fee has changed, the student should pay the current tuition fee.

9. Being Prevented

It is possible that the teacher of the whole course or part of it will not be the same as the original teacher. The student has no right to a refund of the tuition fee because of the change of teacher. If part of the course or the whole course must be cancelled because of reasons beyond ISA's capacity, e.g. a teacher's cancellation, illness or unavailability of teaching venue, the class is rescheduled in cooperation with the students. If a student cannot attend the course because of the above mentioned reasons, the rules about cancellation in section 7 apply. However, if the whole course must be cancelled by ISA, the proportion of the tuition fee equal to the remaining part of the study year will be refunded to the participants. The proportion is calculated by dividing the tuition fee by the number of all teaching days and multiplying the result by the number of remaining teaching days.

10. Insurance

Each student must take care of any insurance themself. ISA does not insure students.

11. Study Attainment Requirements

  1. Attendance at contact classes (see section 12) and sufficient distance learning
  2. Completing the clinical training (see section 13)
  3. Completing a course in anatomy and physiology (140 h) or equivalent knowledge
  4. Completing a first aid course (16 h)
  5. Diploma work
  6. Passing the course examinations and teacher evaluation

12. Attendance

Due to the structure of classes the students should attend training on all course days. Classes are held from Friday to Sunday. In certain exceptional cases classes may also be held on other weekdays. Students are required to attend at least 80% of classes each study year. If required because of the teaching, the student should be able to prepare for the next day's teaching during the previous evening between the course days. In exceptional cases classes may also be held in the evening of actual course days. For clinical training, 100% attendance is required each year. If the student does not meet the attendance requirements of the training, (s)he cannot attend the examinations for that term or year.

13. Clinical Training Requirements

The clinical training requirements include 100% attendance during each study year, 150 hours (i.e. 150 treatments) of observing treatments at the teaching clinic, 30 hours (i.e. 20 treatments) of controlled treatment practice, and reports of observed treatments and controlled treatment practice.

14. Examinations

There are random tests as well as examinations for a term or year during the training. The tests may be in writing or they may measure practical skills. Only students who meet the study and tuition fee requirements may attend examinations for a given term or year. In the end of the 2nd study year there is a written and practical test that must be passed in order to attend the 3rd year of training. There are two chargeable retest possibilities for each test. The first retest costs €30 and the second, €50. The student should sign in for a retest at least two weeks before the test date.

15. Evaluation

The progress of students is evaluated during the whole study year. The evaluation is based on attendance, clinical training and examinations. If the student's progress is questionable, (s)he may be invited to discuss the progress of the studies.

16. Cancelling the Agreement ISA may cancel the agreement if the student does not comply with the valid rules of the agreement or if the conduct of the student disturbs another student, a teacher or the progress of the course or realization of general objectives. A written caution is given for a violation of an agreement and if ISA considers that the breach is serious, the student can be expelled, effective immediately. This can happen at any time during the study year. The actions are decided by the director of the school.

17. Study Material

The study material is handed out during the classes. This material may not be copied, scanned or photographed in any form without ISA's written permission and it may not be used to teach other classes.

18. Diploma Work

ISA reserves the copyright to any videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs or written work included in the student's diploma work. The student concedes the rights of the diploma work to ISA.

19. Responsibility

Partners, teachers and other ISA personnel will teach and advise as best they can. ISA does not take responsibility for the actions of these people. ISA is not responsible for any breach of rules by students during or after the training or after graduation. N.B.! The students are not allowed to treat patients independently using acupuncture before graduation.

20. Non-disclosure

Persons attending ISA's courses are obliged to refrain from disclosing information about the course activities, other students or study material to any third parties. Information about students is not disclosed to a third party without the consent and permission of the student in question.

21. Graduation

Each student who acceptably passes ISA's 3.5-year curriculum (see section 13) receives a diploma from ISA. The student is also eligible to join the therapist register of the Association of Classical Acupuncture (Klassisen Akupunktion yhdistys ry).

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