Classical Acupuncture

The roots of classical acupuncture are in the ancient Chinese natural science, developed in the course of thousands of years through observing natural phenomena and the human body. Classical acupuncture has much in common with the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The focal areas of classical acupuncture include the Wu Yun Liu Qi (5 Phases, 6 Qi) theory and the concepts of Yin-Yang and Five Phases. Yin and Yang represent the two extremities of a phase and their interaction. In the nature Yin-Yang is visible for example in the alternation of activity and rest, expansion and contraction or growth and withering.

The Chinese medicine consists of many treatment traditions that have their own focal areas and styles of treatment. The characteristics of classical acupuncture include e.g. the use of distal points. These points are located in hands and feet, where the flow of Qi (life energy) is dynamic and superficial and it can be influenced efficiently. The classical acupuncture also takes into consideration, through the Stems & Branches theory, the energies of the year, month and day that have an influence on both the nature and the patient. The theory helps to understand the internal dependencies of the organ system and enables treatments on a deep, personal level and balancing the energy system relative to the environment. For example a person born under the element Earth may have a tendency to gather too much Phlegm in the system, disturbing the circulation of energy. The symptoms may include sluggishness, getting stuck and excessive thinking. a strong Wood element, on the other hand, may cause excessive action and impatience. In acupuncture, these tendencies can be balanced with energy channels belonging to another element.

The Chinese pulse diagnostics is an important part of the treatment, because the pulse provides further information about the status of the body and the organs and enables exact and personal treatment. It is often possible to feel in the pulse even symptoms or medication the customer did not remember to mention.

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